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>> Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I've been quiet on the book front for a really long time, mostly because I alienated myself and a lot of friendships with my utter abhorence of Twilight.  But the thing was, I was a twihard until the movie came out and pointed out all the flaws my mind had protected me from in the book. Here is the thing, I'm opinionated, and I don't have to agree with you and you most certainly don't have to agree with me. 

I miss/crave classes where we critique our readings, your interpretations, the professors interpretation, etc.  That was always euphoric for me because not everyone reads them the same way.  I love when people point out things I've missed and I love returning the favor.

And I've waited a long long time to review any popular books because of the original alienation from the Twilight books.  Some of those friendships were utterly severed because of a book...  Seem silly to you? It does to me, but I get that some people don't like associating with people with different opinions and beliefs.

I relish in associating with people with different opinions and beliefs, otherwise life gets boring. Seriously.

Enter the rise of Dystopian Young Adult literature.  Now this is a bandwagon I can support and have been apart since I was myself a young adult.  Coming of age novels with the cajones to show real conflict in a setting that is both familiar and totally alien (the gateway to sci/fi and fantasy). My entire life this is the area of literature I comfortably gravitate to.

And enter Katniss Everdeen, in stark contrast to Bella Swan.  One has grit and obvious reasons for being angry whereas the other is a teen who doesn't have it bad.  She was never raped, never really emotionally vulnerable and she comes off as angsty and depressed for the only reason being that she is a teenager. 


I know, I know, how can I write off her lack of character and strength so easily (clearly its made millions).  Well its because, its not much of a coming of age novel, it didn't reward me with feeling that I had bettered my understanding of humanity by reading it or even challenged my notion of what growing up is. All it did was make me choose a side between two boys who both have serious problems.

So with the movie out its long past due, the comparisson of Twilight to The Hunger Games

Growing up is painful and people don't always rescue you.  The Hunger Games was a beautiful read on what humanity is.  I felt, for myself, that the Hunger Games has a strong anti heroine and that was someone I would rather relate to than someone who is always rescued by her hero's.  Girls can be just as strong as boys, even stronger, and the rise of literature with strong female characters is heartening in juxtaposition to the vapid girl who has low self worth.

Katniss pwns Bella.

and you can disagree and I welcome it, just know if you start a conversation with me on it I will full heartedly (joyfully) participate.

*While I'm throwing out grenades here is one more item that irks me to no end.

Jane Austen would absolutely HATE the Kiera Knightley "Pride and Prejudice" because it is shot in a more macabre and gothic style. Yes the cinematography is beautiful, but you see thats what puts it in the above category.  Read Northanger Abbey (my favorite Austen novel) and you will totally see just how much disdain she had for the gothic.


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