>> Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm finding myself more prone to freaking out over the information shared via the internet.  But then, I've become a monumentally private person, sharing only a select amount of information because I feel in my heart the rest of it is too much. 

I don't want to know where you ate dinner, that you went to Walmart yesterday, that you are a foursquare Mayor.  You don't realize that if you keep this up, I will take your challenge and throw waterballoons at your car at each of these locations.

I explained what foursquare was to Ryan the other day and he said something akin to "So people are making it easier to stalk themselves" Can you imagine a teenage girl with foursquare? And Facebook have you no shame?

Thank heavens I can block all foursquare notifications, but for a bit there I felt bombarded with TMI.

Speaking of TMI, as a proponent of sharing very little via the interwebs because I think its tacky, I'm wondering what you think of my 'no-sharing' policy?

*On my Akira links I'm just biting my nails hoping they don't ruin the cult classic. Its a huge part of who I am that is dorky and you might think is stupid, but it doesn't tell any potential stalkers that I'm going to be grocery shopping at 4:53 at a specific location....


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