A Fire Review and a Challenge

>> Thursday, December 29, 2011

You know that saying that says, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, well I'm doing just that. The past few weeks have been a continuation of Angie's new found love of hermitage(being sick), and the Kindle Fire, from Ryan's work, kept me company.

The Kindle Fire is a decent product, but the apple fangirl in me can't give it fully two thumbs up. For being $200, including a limited amazon prime membership, what can I expect? something hopefully superior to my Ipod Touch. The app selection for the Ipod touch still floors cloud. Watching netflix on the Fire is all squishy.

A friend was over, toying with the device and he remarked "I'll bet Apple toyed with this size and upon testing it out, went with a bigger size." It does feel like Amazon was thinking more about making the tablet roughly the same size as the rest of their line. I like uniformity, but I think an e-reader and tablet device are very different both in purpose and therefore, the design.

The update Amazon did improved a lot of quirks and allows more security if you desire.

I've read a handful of books on it, the cloud storage system is pretty slick. They read well but I have an issue with how they mark how much I have read. I miss page numbers. Numbering paragraphs is well and good, but how will I know how many pages I'm reading? I know I know, I'm no longer reading pages. Rather I'm reading text and text that is ready to evolve.

Overall I like the Kindle Fire for reading and reading only.

The touch screen is overly sensitive at times and other times not at all responsive.

I'd be happier if it didn't have presumptions to be a tablet device but rather an e-reader on steroids.

Again, as this was a gift and free to me this is awesome. However, I'd be just as satisfied with a Kindle Touch, or first generation Kindle.

However, I'm waiting till Scrivener or another program has a decent app for writers, but I have this gut feeling it will be available on an apple product before anything else. And why? Scrivener and other programs are for people who like to design what their text is going to look like, and Apple products are all about design.

It makes us sing inside. So who is willing to create this app? Its a tall order I know, but its editing genius.


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