Sometimes David Warner isn’t the Bad Guy…

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

Instead he’s Bob Cratchett in the George C. Scott's “A Christmas Carol” circa 1985. We're pretty sure its one of the only times he isn't the bad guy, but how classic to mix sci fi with traditional Christmas right? We watched "A Christmas Carol" Sunday night after seeing the play at Hale Center Theatre the night before. Everytime a version of “A Christmas Carol” is mentioned, Ryan always mentions the George C. Scott rendition. Thanks to Netflix, we were able to stream it and watch it without the hassle of waiting for DVD’s, but as we were searching for it Ryan spied a version with Patrick Stewart and got kind of excited to see that one also. He’s cute like that sometimes and you don’t mess with Ryan and his Holiday loving self.

But back to David Warner, he’s the bad guy in well everything including the original “Tron” except the George C. Scott's “A Christmas Carol”. For being an 80’s movie it was very well produced with good editing, acting and brilliant filmography, of course I’m sure the same can be said for the version with Patrick Stewart, I mean its Patrick Stewart and he’s kind of amazing, so it seems reasonable enough to expect his version of “A Christmas Carol” to be amazing and have better special effects.

I was commenting to Ryan that its possible Dickens was being more critical of what the working class had to endure than just having this be a story about Ebenezer Scrooge. Layers like that make me giddy inside, I’m just a nerd but oh these special little nuggets make me euphoric.

Speaking of euphoria indulged moments, Tron: Legacy was amazing and I have no complaints with it whatsoever. Two of the characters had names that made me particularly giddy were “Quorra” and “Suse” or as I heard them Kora and Zuess, but the etymology of both made their roles particularly awesome.

I know I’ll be the third person I know to blog about Tron, but it was just that amazing. I was a little surprised that those I was convinced would be Tron fanboys weren’t interested in the movie at all. For 1982, Tron was high budget and flopped, but it was a movie years ahead of its time with the first CGI scenes(remember the cars?). In the history of movies, the original Tron is to CGI what Fritz Lang's 'M' was to audio. Amazing pioneers for film, watch them and love them.

There were some moments that could have been left out completely as it did little to drive the plot and really thrown in more for the happy Disney Sequel generator… Seriously? I mean I’m not surprised, but maybe Disney could surprise me and not have 30 sequels in mind when writing a current script. I’m sure the sequel to the sequel will also work well and I’m sure I’ll see everything coming and still like them but I’d like Disney for once to have an open and closed movie. That would truly shock me.

But Tron gets a 10 out of 10 despite Disney’s tactlessness.
PS I really really like this haircut.


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