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>> Monday, March 22, 2010

In lieu of the events on Sunday I have to say something about the strong lash on the actions. I’m excited to see what is going to happen. I think its silly to think that there is an N W O lingering in the background and blaming everything wrong in the world on an idea of socialized medicine. The thing is with texts you can always read what you want to out of them. You miss things, find loopholes, encounter connections, it is just how text is.

Not only that, but people wait till the oppurtune moment to out their opposers on items they noticed a while ago. This is equivalent to having an Ace up their sleeve in case they lose the round of poker. Consider it also collateral damage, that is unintended to the outcome, which is often blown out of proportion, but once revealed the damage is done. The damage done is that those skeptical and angry are even more skeptical and angry than before touting a "We have to stop this before >insert slanderous terminology being shouted by opposing party<".

Even if I turn out to be wrong, I think its important to document why I feel excited. I hope I'm not wrong, and I really want those avaricious people to be stopped and have checks placed that they can't undo.

So, living in a very red state, surrounded by very republican people, I find their argument largely asinine and selfish. I also believe that those against it, don't really know what poverty is like or really seen it in their lives. I’d consider myself as democratic as Utah can be which really just makes me a moderate and I’m ok with that. I like the middle ground leeway because it allows me to scoff at the absurdities on both sides.

Having lived in married student housing there were an alarming amount of people without insurance coverage because they had pre existing conditions or didn’t bother with it because they thought they could make it through school without it. (In reality with previous costs of insurance, it probably felt like they had to choose between school or health insurance) Seeing how people without insurance are affected by accidents and emergencies, I’ve seen how medical bills can tear up dreams and I have to back Healthcare Reform.

Ryan and I have been so lucky and blessed, but the idea of switching insurance companies post my job has filled me with nothing but anxiety. How many of my pre existing conditions or Ryan’s would be turned down?

So with the new bill, that is no longer covering abortions(by declaration of Obama), I don’t have to worry so much about pre-existing conditions when it goes into effect. Not only that but Insurance should be more manageable for small companies to provide. As I have often dreamed about starting a small independent publishing company etsy-esque, this makes entrepreneurship a lot less daunting and even more feasible.

I have no disillusions of how easy the paperwork will be to fill out. I know how cya works and while I get sick of triplicate forms and taxes, I’m sure a turbo tax esque program could be developed to fill out those forms for me.

I’m excited to have quality check ups and exams versus quantity. I like the idea of giving people health care coverage with the mentality that it is an investment for society as those people have a possible better future because preventative measures are taken early on so fatal diseases are less likely to win. The majority of disease and sickness is preventative.

College is just like Healthcare Insurance as it stands now. Higher education is in dire need of reform. Take the GRE for example, why do I need to relearn high school math to go into a Masters in a humanities? Silly isn’t it? They have the MCAT and the LSAT so why not others? And why not play on someone’s strength as opposed to holding them hostage for their weaknesses.

Sorry soapbox, but my point is why shouldn’t it be available to everyone? Isn’t it humane to take care of society? Are we inhumane and selfish being bent on bettering only ourselves and our position in life? If we are then haven’t we lost charity and hope for our friends and neighbors?

Don’t we have a right as people to demand that those oppressing our friends, neighbors and ourselves be overthrown? So then why is Healthcare Reform so scary and why are we so scared to change a system that isn’t working?


Rachel Steed March 22, 2010 at 2:28 PM  

AMEN!!! You, Ryan, David, and me - little specks of blue in a roiling sea of red!

Trent and Whit March 22, 2010 at 8:30 PM  

Thanks Angie for that. I completely agree!

A March 22, 2010 at 9:00 PM  

As long as its not a BYU blue wave, I'm down.

A March 25, 2010 at 1:01 PM  

I'm just hoping the census will make the Utah districts a lot less gerrymandered... we'll see. And don't get me started on Matheson.

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