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>> Monday, March 1, 2010

Josh is safe, and we can't ask for much more than that.

I'm going to copy his very short e-mails for your readership enjoyment and peace of mind.

His first e-mail reads:

Hey the Mission mom wants us to email you and let you know that we are fine. The earthquake didn't affect us at all other than a small power outage. The earthquake was in the mission Concepcion 1 above us. I hope all of them are ok.

Love ya,Chao


Elder Joshua David JeffersonMision Chile Osorno

And then the next one

Hola todos, Well as many of you want to know (Did I feel the earthquake?), No, I slept through the night without any disturbances. In the morning I woke up and went to turn the light on, and found that we didn´t have power. My first thought was, Why don´t we have power? I paid the light bill yesterday. It wasn´t until we arrived at the house of our District President, that we found out that there had been an earthquake. Many members told us that they felt 2 earthquakes, but we didn´t feel anything. The affects of the earthquake in Ancud include, small power outages, and people worried for their loved ones (The communication to Concepcion is still bad) One of our investigators has a son who lives in Concepcion and he still hasn´t heard from him. Our investigator is traveling to look for his son. Please keep Family Huenchura in your prayers.

Sunday we arrived at church and our branch president told me that he wanted to talk with me. He asked how my lessons were, and then asked if I could give a lesson as a talk in sacrament meeting. I am learning to give talks without preparation. I am sure this will help me later in life as well. I spoke on the peace and comfort that we can receive through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Elder Amaya and I are learning and progressing. The Branch needs a lot of help, but has a lot of potential.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Have a great week and remember the people of Chile in your prayers.

Love, Elder Jefferson
Mom & Dad,
I am glad to hear that Grandma Jefferson is doing a little better, and that Grandma Hebdon is excited for her adventure. It will be a fun experience for her. How are Angie and Ryan? Mary and Brad? Tell Jon and Laura thanks for the email and goodluck with the primary, school, work, and robot. Thanks for telling me a little about Elder Manwill. How´s Danny Pham? Have a great week. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you from here.


Love,Elder Joshua David JeffersonMision Chile Osorno
Josh is currently on the island of Chiloe
Which is to the South of where the earthquake hit the worst in Concepcion.
The clean up process sounds organized and effective from what I was able to read on NPR . Even though I have piece of mind about Josh, the few hours that I didn't were pretty emotional, I can only imagine how distraught people who still have no news about loved ones are. Please keep Chile in your thoughts and prayers.


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