>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You know its sad when you review past years of writing and realize you were a lot better then than you are know. Strike sad, its outright depressing. But the clincher that burns more is the discovery that other successes have stopped all writing growth in their tracks. And it is sad. It burns my soul a little and the wondering begins.

Wondering if really I am going to excel at my chosen choice of expertise, or if life has chosen a different expertise for me.

Choice is so relative, and the open and shut doors resulting from each choice become a montage of what we call day to day life. A truly risky venture as each choice puts us farther and farther away from another choice.

Anyway, there is a bizarre charge in the air and I just cannot focus and so, I choose to actually recharge this summer with the rest of the world. So summer semester I bid you adieu after hours of thinking and rethinking my ‘plan’ and time frame in which to graduate from college.

Translation: I’m not taking summer semester and I’m getting used to the idea still.


Mary May 24, 2009 at 8:52 PM  

I think you are an amazing writer then and now with so much passion. My wise sister once told me don't be too set on a plan because life likely won't end up that way and what is the fun in a set plan anyway - too many twists and forks in the road that you can even imagine. Who knows, your talent and passion for writing may take you where you never even imagined. Keep writing and dreaming.

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