>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tell tale signs of my writing passion are returning. The second thoughts and third thoughts about the second thoughts. It is returning. And with it an epiphany. What is really dampening the creative flow for me? Am I being spread to thin? Am I channeling my creativity in too many directions?

And it hit me. Facebook, msn and other social networking. The constant being connected is taking its toll. Last semester I read an critical theory article on the topic, and feeling I had no time I skimmed through. By skimming I missed an important point, I was not taking it all in, rather I had already decided with how busy I am this article was no different and deserved no more attention.

But the truth? With all this time I have there are one of three new options, walking, timekillers such as Facebook and other social networking or watching a show. The isolation of walking is allowing me to rejuvenate what talent for writing I had. And watching TV pacifies me for a time and does not allow me to delve into my own thoughts. Rather it forces upon me new thoughts that are not quite my own. The social networking purges all my thoughts as I am constantly sharing them and forgetting ideas as they are fleeting the screen before my eyes.

Its ironic really, this constant interconnectedness, and all the conflicting theories; one telling us that we aren't social enough and another telling us we are never quite by ourselves. Either extreme seems to leave an unbalanced lifestyle.

I think its silly when I am chastened for not telling someone about an item. Its funny that people expect always to be connected. Well how can someone be happy? My solution, walking.

And so to a happy walking filled isolation, here's to you and hopefully a renewal of the writer I once was.


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