Uploading Blues and If My Life Was A Comic...

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man 1: Whats wrong with her?
Man 2: She’s uploading for the big project 2489
Man 1: Oh, that one…well better luck tomorrow.

Hope everyone else’s lives are lovely.

Another day of my life dedicated to uploading…. And anticipation of another failed day at uploading.

I completely feel for Ryan right now, I hate feeling that so much of my time has been wasted, and I know Ryan feels like that quite frequently as he has to go back to a saved format from 2 weeks ago to work towards where he currently is without making a mistake.

So how does one upload to a database that times out every 45 minutes of inactivity? Good freaking luck. Oh well, another day another battle tactic.

Oh and I mean battle, how can a program be this cruel?



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