Mid Semester Update

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

So I'm a little muddled in my thoughts, Spring Break is over and its back to attending classes along with everything else on our plates. I want to write, but I find I just can't prioritize and organize my thoughts. Its going to be a busy week and I'm not prepared for even half of whats to come. People haven't responded to e-mails and so things are sitting. I'm not patient, and even have a certain amount of anxiety when I can't further projects, needless to say, though I have no control, I am tense and a little jittery for what's to come.

Ryan's Birthday is coming up on the 2nd and sadly lands in another busy month where it becomes nearly impossible to plan some sort of party, ah yes but I am determined and so invite all to a Star Trek themed party for Ryan on a date not yet determined and in a location not yet determined. Someone told me I should just plan it next year, when we aren't in school, but though we are busy, I'm not going to not live life just for studies.

If that was the case, I don't think anything would ever happen. Really when am I not going to busy? When is anyone not going to be busy? You have to make time or life escapes you.

And about the things that are out of my control, I have to accept that I've done all I can. Not only that, but I have to remember what events are really more important to me and I just haven't gotten there yet. I'm convinced loyalty and dependability are hard traits to balance.

As per usual I am putting off writing a paper, this time about the lovely Tess of the D'Urbervilles. The novel frustrates me to no end but shouldn't be too difficult once I let my biases subside... though I feel that some of them are well thought out.

Ryan's stressed but doing phenomenally well. He always wants to do more than what is really required for his Film classes. I'm proud of him.

The semester is over half way done and things are going fairly well for us. We are happy, healthy and enjoying life. Dare I say even content?


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