March's List of Things That Must Go:

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

My list of things that must go:

  1. Fake people

  2. Social Niceties

  3. Chain Restaurants-I just think people should realize that each and every single time they eat at a chain that 66% of that money leaves the local community. Yes YOU are the reason why people are losing their jobs and the economy is so bad. You aren’t investing in the community you live in, stay in you suburb and stop complaining if you can’t change your oh so important life in the fast lane lifestyle.

  4. Bowling-shoes that are ugly, throwing a ball down a lane to hit pins and a loud atmosphere that is jarring at best. No thank you

  5. Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and every person in the world whose personality resembles anyone in the book

  6. Miniature Golf-if you are going to golf it might be real sized…. While we are at would you like a mini or teacup sized animal that lives an uncomfortable life being cute for your selfish desires

  7. Reality TV- the name is a conundrum, its not real. Its really stupid but that’s as close to reality as it gets. If I chose to be pacified from all of lifes troubles it might as well be unbelievably well written dialogue, and I can concede to it not being real.

  8. People over reacting because something in life will no longer pander to their every want and need.

  9. People who walk away from their mortgage

  10. People who won’t live within their means

  11. People who don’t recycle

  12. High speed internet that doesn’t work-makes listening to online lectures next to impossible

  13. 80 dollar headphones. That’s right Zagg, I think you are an idiot if you think people will spend that much on headphones when they won’t spend money on anything else.

  14. ProvoCraft I hate them, first of all their very name includes my 2nd most hated place in the world, the first being Disneyland, world etc… 2nd they have without a doubt the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered!

  15. Ingratitude-Sure I like being nice and sharing, but if you accept it ungraciously and take advantage of the situation I have no choice but to feel misused and left cynical.


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