>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life is good, crazy but good. After getting into the semester and realizing what Ryan and I signed up for, I think we are getting back on schedule and remotivated. The difficult part about this semester for me is that 2 of my classes are not traditional classes, so I have to be motivated to do the work without the assistance of a weekly class. It will be good though, because for the one I'm doing an internship with my office and since thats not a radical change its just kindof nice to get credit for something I'd be doing regardless.

The other is an online class with all of the lectures streamed online and the reading is all in pdf format, and so when I can, I claim the laptop and have it "read" aloud the pdf file at a speed I like. So this is me cheering for puter, the Mac that is allowing alot of the stress of school to slip away and multi task whilst I study. Hurrah!

The other is the Darwinian Revolution in Literature & Culture. This means I get to read Sci Fi! along with scientific theories that are geared towards the 1860's scientific audience.... But, lest we forget, I get to read Sci Fi!

Ryan is onto his second semester specializing with 3D graphics, and he is doing awesome. His other classes are generals but he seems fairly happy with them.


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