>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, having been to the White House's website more than my fair share of times, I'm excited and up to the challenge ahead. The economy is still scary. but I think with the right innovative thinking and plans ahead of us, things will change. We were watching the history channel's special on "The Next Great Depression?" and scary though it was, we are seeing our "New Deal" with Obama's promise for "Change", history is funny the way it constantly repeats itself, and for those who don't think so, I think if they draw a column of with the Depression in one column and the Current economy they would see the tactics in dealing with things to be nearly parallel.

Then: People buying on Margin, Widening gap between the rich and poor and the end of the guilded age.

Now: Banks approving loans that they can sell to another investor who can receive high interest from the loan when bundled with other loans, Widening gap between the rich and poor (tax breaks that benefit rich people...) and the end of the golden age aka 90's.

But we rose above hard times then and we can do it again now. I remember fondly as a child talking to my Grandpa who would tell me about his childhood as the oldest of a very large family. He took on responsibilities that someone of his age from our time would be dwarfed by. Its remarkable to see people work hard in the digital age, because it would seem that most of technology is pacifying us to do less with the excess time we have.

One thing I have always found vastly interesting about the harder things get the more people celebrate holidays. For example, Halloween, a holiday that was diminishing with the increase of safety issues and the like was celebrated in a bigger way than I can remember it being in over 5 or so years. It was kind of exciting, but still really interesting because wouldn't people be more wary with the hard times? Except people needed the escape, to be able to enjoy life and forget. Who can blame them for that? It seems rational.

So now, with the change of horses mid crisis, spirits are lifted and I know I am not a lone in being optimistic. We are coming upon a time of mutabilty, and I think if we work together, instead of just looking out for ourselves, I think we have a good chance of coming out of this as a nation stronger, wiser and united. And isn't that something worth being optimistic about?


Kiley January 29, 2009 at 8:04 AM  

It is crazy the similarities between nowadays and the pre-Great Depression. We'll just have to see what happens - hopefully good things!

Erica January 30, 2009 at 9:05 PM  

So many interesting things to think about...I loved this post!

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