>> Friday, September 26, 2008

I hate lines

Ryan says I’d like Brazil because the line system doesn’t work at all. But I really hate lines, I wait to go places if there is a huge line, and If I wanted to be at an event early I’d take the necessary evils to get me through line sitting.

But as I count the numerous things I bow out of and avoid its mostly because of lines >shudder<. This is because throughout my life I have been in ample amounts of lines and I don’t think they are all that necessary, people find ways around them by having people save them a spot or just plain butting, so why should I have to deal with them in so many aspects?

Stood in line for the Olympics, day of celebration, most concerts, conference, the list goes on. So this is me saying no to lines.

How can I do that you say? Very healthy and happily, less of my time is wasted waiting, and more of my life is experienced as compared to all the sad wasted time spent in line waiting for something.

Compare this to life, waiting consistently waiting for the next chapter, for a new event, a new experience. What happened to living? Why are we so wound around this waiting idea? Waiting for buses, trains, planes, school, classes seems a bit much. Why aren’t we just enjoying the time instead of this dreaded waiting.

Waiting for 5 o clock, but the more you do the faster it comes. Throwing oneself into whatever is available at that point in time is a way to resolve all these waiting issues. Why aren’t we doing this? Not that I mean going for immediate gratification, but for example, I go to work and wait 8 hours to have a real conversation, or 4 if I go out to lunch.

I’ve accepted work Angie as very different from school and home Angie. I don’t like to mix the two, but why can’t I? If I’m at work more than I’m anywhere else, doesn’t it make sense to be real Angie in all spheres?

So many fine lines, and they confuse me. But I know one thing for sure, I hate lines.


Lynn September 27, 2008 at 7:55 AM  

I hate lines, too. My biggest pet peeve are lines at potlucks, wedding receptions, or any other place that has a buffet line. It drives me crazy if food isn't served from both sides of the table. I get annoyed if the food and paper products aren't arranged in sequential order, thus leading to back-ups and backtracking. I never stand in those lines. I usually go and rearrange food and paper products (hot dog buns go BEFORE hot dogs, right?!) and then wait for the line to die out, even if it means missing out on some dishes.

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