America the Beautiful?

>> Friday, September 26, 2008

I am an Unreliable Narrator, I realize that, I’m impulsive and quick to the point, but have benefited very much from my “initiative”.

This being said, look at the country, its crumbling under our feet, the economy is a joke and if this only affected the US I wouldn’t care, but its nation wide. The US has put the world in a very scary position. This era of running around without checks and balances, removing regulations is taking its toll. And I for one am not going to sit quietly while people lie to my face and tell me everything is going to be ok.

This is scary.

So who is responsible? The greedy people who removed the regulations and lined their friends pockets with money. I am a moderate, and I don’t really feel I should have to have a tie to a country that has so abused my rights. What rights you say? Property.

Property has been a long promise for those in the middle class and that dream was ripped away when people started walking away from loans and mortgages. But why would banks give loans to people who before now wouldn’t have been approved, the removal of regulation and now the demand for it as there are consistent bail outs, but who is benefiting? I see my stocks shrinking, so it must be those greedy bigots at the top, the ones who used loans that should have benefited first time home buyers on 3rd and 4th houses.

You think this is radical? Well open your eyes, if you aren’t appalled you aren’t paying attention. It seems like no one is. Look at the condition of the world, it seems people who should be paying really close attention have done nothing, and who is going to suffer? We are.

A few summers ago an amazing TV show aired, which I watched online, why pollute my mind with more advertising? The show was amazing, it touched on the dystopian feel of America, and how so many do not feel a strong patriotic feel. I am one of them. I see America as destroying culture, the strong influence we have over the development of todays time is awful. What happened to the beauty each culture had before? Why swirl it into one? Helped them? Brought them technology? Hardly, England merely exploited and how can anyone say we do any different? There is a reason that people in India run from people trying to give them polio immunizations, because before they were sterilized.

Leave the country you say? Gladly, but the irreparable damage is done, and the whole world is suffering. But aren’t we innovative you say? Hardly, our country outlawed scientific developments for RELIGIOUS REASONS. That’s nearly as awful as burning down the Great Library but instead outlawing the knowledge within. So how can I speak out?

I am a traveler, I refuse to be an American. Not with its cookie cutter neighborhoods, excessive consuming, and paltry fast food restaurants.

So I am Angie a traveler.


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