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>> Friday, May 9, 2008

So we watched Transformers last night, for the umpteenth time and I'm still not impressed by it. Whats the deal? The whole movie feels like marketing, the little catch phrases sound like those of a childs action figure, and thats not entertaining for me, its a wasted 2 1/2 hours. So what is the deal? The special effects are pretty cool, but I myself need more than phantasmagoric special effects to be persuaded to like something.

I want to like the movie, but its just so cliche and not all that witty, and it will never ever go in my movie collection.

They don't change anything from the original to drastic, and I think thats my problem, why would I want to see a new project without an interesting spin on things? Ok, so Optimus Prime doesn't die which is different from the cartoon but still not all that interesting. Spider Man 3 did a great job, it changed things, but they were things that people always wanted changed, it was a rewarding viewing experience that silenced any desire to continue the story.

I don't want to see Iron Man, because I'm scared it will just make me upset, because lets be honest I am a picky movie goer, the last movie I saw in theatres that I really really enjoyed was the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Its completely different from the books, but thats the genius of Douglas Adams, all of his different medias of the same style were different on purpose! Sadly he died, so he can't put out anymore of his genius.

And besides, isn't it getting old and less original puttingo out all these nostalgia movies one right after the other? So why should I waste my money if its not even going to try and own itself? I'm not, so for all those saying this movie was so good and so was that one, I'm not really interested. Summer Blockbusters AREN'T original, end of story.


Greg P May 9, 2008 at 11:59 AM  

Thank you, I can't tell you how disappointed I was after my mission after having everyone rave about transformers and then I saw it and it was a let down. Not to mention Shiah LeBough is one of the planets worst actors. I am so scared for Indiana Jones... so very scared...

Rebecca May 10, 2008 at 9:29 AM  

Iron Man is actually a remarkable movie. I was wary at first because I don't like how comic-booky Spiderman and X-men are, but Iron Man is just...different. I suggest you try it. It actually feels like a realistic movie. It's just different. Good different

Lynn May 11, 2008 at 3:30 PM  

Glad to hear someone else wasn't that thrilled with Transformers. You should check out Eric's blog: http://erictadoba.blogspot.com/ He works for Hollywood Video and watches A LOT of movies, so he's started movie reviews on his blog. He did one on Iron Man recently.

shanna May 12, 2008 at 8:04 AM  

1) I love Transformers.
2) I love comic book remake movies.
3) Who cares if they aren't original - that's part of what's great! They bring you back.
and 4) Shia LeBouf is a Great actor.

I don't care what anyone says.


Ang & Ryan May 12, 2008 at 1:04 PM  

I'm not saying comic book movies aren't good, but I think the scripts are terrible, the only redeeming quality they have are the special effects. But I am a critical viewer, and I think I should be.

I don't think I should be told I'm wrong just because I didn't enjoy something that the rest of the masses did. And I never launched an angry attack on Shia, as an actor I don't really care much either way, except there was a pretty good made for TV movie where he played a mentally retarded character and I thought it was a pretty interesting role, so he has potential, but action/adventure movies aren't really in his best interest, but then action/adventure aren't really in anyones best interest...

Of course this was all part of a second viewing, and there are few movies I really enjoy the second time.

But I still think the dialogue could have been immensely more interesting, but summer blockbusters tend to fail there.

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