Guitarists and Their Guitars

>> Friday, May 9, 2008

So lately, we've had run in after run in of severely possessive guitarist and their guitars, even those abandoned. Its frustrating, especially to me, because I don't undserstand how being that possessive of an instrument can be a good thing. It seems selfish and spoiled for them to not want anyone to touch their vacant and abandoned guitar. Aren't instruments supposed to be played? Shouldn't it be ok to let someone who is really respective of instruments play them?

Ryan says its because they as musicians get threatened, because they think they are better or know you are. They shut down the chance of learning or teaching and its just this really tense atmosphere.

One time this guy wasn't playing a guitar and Ryan tuned it and the guy got mad because he then said it was out of tune...and he played terribly, he ruined all of my favorite ska songs, it was an immensely disappointing night.

Another time this guy had all of his stuff out, and Ryan asked him some questions and he just ignored him. Isn't that rude? An incident of the same nature happened a few years ago with the same guy and its frustrating. Its like they've forgotten how to share, something people learn as toddlers, what is it about guitars that make their owners so possessive?

On the other hand, there are several that can learn and can teach others, I just don't understand how it benefits the others to be so threatened if someone wants to play their guitar. I will say this I don't know any woman guitarist who has this tendency, ha. And it so nice to listen to guitar duets, not done in a battle of the bands type of way. After all of the other guitarists, its incredibly refreshing to hear relaxed and soothing sounds versus the alternatively aggressive ones.


Greg P May 9, 2008 at 12:05 PM  

You guys can come over and play with my Ibenez, its my baby but you can come play with it. One time I let one of my room mates play with it. He has a Classical Wide Neck Guitar with nylon strings where the tuning pegs hang down from the head rather that stick out to the sides like on most guitars. Yeah, he didnt realize that you don't turn the pegs the same direction on the high strings as you do on the low. He broke my High E. I was a little upset. But I have let him play with it since. Just make sure you know how to tune it before you do. Haha

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