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>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

So my past blogs have been pretty ranty, so this one is going to attempt at being less so.

I won’t tell you how long I stared at that sentence. Life is good, its just going by a lot faster than I anticipated, I’ve done a lot for only being 21, but life is lovely.

Ryan’s been pretty sick for the last week with first the flu, followed by a viral upper respiratory infection. The good news, it isn’t as serious as bronchitis or pneumonia, the bad news, its still pretty bad. The good news, he is on the mend, the bad news he’s still coughing every 5 minutes.

Its been a different experience because he hasn’t wanted to get me sick so he tells me to go out and do stuff, which was ok at first, I like doing things independently, but not as much as I used to. The good news, its further proof that I love him, the bad news, he’s still sick.

Who gets sick in May? Its so nice outside and everything is just lovely, but there it is he’s sick, and he’s surprisingly not the only one. If you ask me, this is the worst time of year to get sick and be stuck lying indoors.

It reminds me of one year when my brother, his best friend and I went hiking up Big Cottonwood Canyon on Memorial day. Half way up the hike there was snow on the ground and the sunscreen we put on at the bottom just didn’t cut it. The hike took longer because of the snow and when we got to the top we took a nice lunch break. The view was pretty, and going down we slid most of the way. When I got home I was so burned that everything was miserable, my eyes were sunburned, my lips were 2nd degree burned. That’s right it was the equivalent of cold sores all over my lips, not just one area, but my entire lips. It gets better, it was the last week of school, so while my friends are off partying I’m miserable because I was so burned I went to stuff because I was dumb, and was miserable the whole time, wouldn’t stay outside because my skin hurt so bad and the sun only made it worse.

Well, the good news, it’s a good story, and Mary laughs every time she thinks about it and reminds me of it, its over, and I’m smart enough never ever to leave the sunscreen in the car at the bottom of the mountain. The bad news it was May, the worst time of year to ever ever get sick, or be in so much pain to be stuck inside.

Luckily for Ryan he will get better sooner than I did from my severe burn.


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