Being Mature is Not the Same As Being Boring

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being Mature is Not the Same As Being Boring

I came across this little blip and I am pondering it. And its true, being boring, is not being mature, its being boring. It’s a sad predicament really, for people who turn their noses up at anything and tell you its dumb. That’s boring, and really what’s the point in living that kind of a life
Maturity is a very difficult concept, in a nutshell it means
To become mature; to ripen.
To gain experience or wisdom with age.
With this taken into account, doesn’t that mean that being boring is like the antithesis of maturity? Because, being wise comes from experience, so therefore, one must enjoy life to become mature.
So what is to become of these people who are too cool? Will they just dwindle away in their “boring” non-mature, life?
Boring, the word hurts, and it lags to even say it, and yet there it must be that a word so harsh sounding should be the antithesis of growing up in a rather content way. Contentment is an elusive beast as well, albeit a very satisfying one, that can only be achieved with satisfaction. Being content, is to be happy with yourself, what you have and not necessarily desire to have more material belongings. It is to be at peace with everything in your life and not constantly at odds with needing and wanting more.
So how do you satisfy a bored person? You can’t. they are bored of their own choice, and so it will only be by their choice to be un-bored that they may choose to be mature.
As a college student, I think it is a very tricky tight rope, because we are in school to better our lives and typically we have very little. Often I complain about cinderblock walls among other things in our apartment, but as a whole I really like my current situation. I have so much, and I am able to experience so much. Not all of it has been fun, but they are non-boring experiences that have made me who I am today. I am content to be where I am today, with Ryan, working full time in a job that has been to his and my own great benefit.
Summer is fast approaching and with it are the amazing festivals that have gotten me through 2 years of summer school.
I am hurrying to get my degree, but while tightroping being married and being a student, it makes sense. I am happy to be in school, and I kindof dread getting my bachelor’s because if I can’t get into a grad program then I’m done with school. Oddly enough, I really enjoy school, so the prospect of being done learning at a college is kind of sad for me. What can I say, I will be the eternal student.


Greg P April 29, 2008 at 11:51 PM  

Oh it is so true. It is like the elaboration of what has been going through my head lately! I enjoyed reading this!

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