The Point of a Cricut

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Point of a Cricut…

Is to use it. I have put out the offer many times for people to use it, but they shy away from the idea, and are totally uncomfortable. It makes me feel dumb which then makes my splurge on paper even more laughable. Yes that’s right, instead of having a child Angie bought 20 pounds of scrapbook paper. And Ryan let me. Even people I am close to are super sheepish about using any of my own paper. ITS PAPER! And like all of the best things in life, its meant to be shared.

I want to get the Design Studio software so I can weld letters together instead of cutting them out one at a time, but it can only work on one computer, and it isn't mac compatible. And since the laptop is a Mac, we may be waiting until it is compatible.
Its a great machine, but I work full time and go to school, I don't exactly have time to work on scrapbooking just yet.


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