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>> Monday, March 17, 2008

I think I must have issues, well I know I have issues, but this one is more retarded than any of the others. I hate when people walk behind my counter. Those guilty of these charges are as follows: My mom, she is notorious for this, Joshy has done it once or twice, Mary, Dad…Leonard, Alcarita, Ian. Note that Ryan has never violated my work space, he makes me cringe all the time by “kissing me bye” in the office, but never gone around my counter and in my “work bubble”. The construction has increased this most grievous of pet peeves as my counter has become everyones desk, and even in some cases a conference room.

This happened before construction as well, but will not be so convenient once construction is done. I will be the greeter for the building and will only have a window (I dream about telling people to sit in the waiting area if they are going to be at my window)…So being apart of one department seems more than idiotic as I will be at the front desk for the entire building. As of late there has been an issue with parking passes, people in my department are able to use these for the vendors that come in to see them or if they are going to the admin building. However, the vendors that come in for another department also want these passes but being in the other department are not allowed access to them. My point, it will be idiotic if I am the front desk and yet belong only to one department.

Next issue, I like schedules, scratch that I LOVE schedules, when class schedules just become available to look at I typically have my next semester figured out within that first day. Forget that I can’t sign up just yet, it’s the planning that makes me sit on the edge of my seat. After I figure out the new schedule I typically figure out how many classes I have left till I graduate, followed by what classes I planned to take all the way back when I first started working full time. The only classes that have been rather unstable are the third year Latin classes, but my chances at getting into a grad program without the third year are close to nil, and so despite what everyone has said regarding my choice of language I plow on.

The Latin professors know me, granted there are between 10-20 kids in their classes, but they know my name and seem genuinely interested in my College career. Latin is a very interesting language that a lot of professors in my field refer to for etymological purposes, but if I could count how wrong they get it, it is rather laughable. The worst is when the teacher knows I have a latin background and asks me for different etymological things, but really, Latin is so much more than etymology, it’s a gateway into reading something in its original form, because SOOOO much is lost in translation. And then there are yet other ways in which Latin has held me back, for example, last year we went and saw a requiem and it was in latin with the translations to the side of the program it was so edited I about died, and sadly everyone I was with soon found out just how wrong the translations were…

Then, on the flip side, I have the Cat in the Hat in latin, an English book first and foremost, but the Latin gives the book a lot more meaning…Weird, I dunno I guess I just think that the English language is extremely confining, and when things are translated into English they are drastically changed, and that is kind of sad.


The Holm Fam March 19, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

Thanks for the note on my blog... it's nice to know it's being viewed. Love your blog, look forward to reading future posts. When I'm stuck at home all day around people with very little verbal skills, it's nice to read well-written blogs. Keep it up!

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