Ode To a Lost Ficus Tree

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

Ode to a Lost Ficus Tree

When people borrow things on a long term basis, typically that means the borrowee has no claim on the article. Thus it is with a plastic Ficus tree. I got a phone call last week about a request from my mother to get the ficus tree back, because she had told her ward that they could use it for the Gold & Green Ball…. Needless to say we have had said ficus tree since we took our Christmas tree down and I thought it was recognized that it would be a long term loan. Regardless what makes anyone think that under such a term that one may request object back at the drop of the hat?

Continuing forth, for some crazy reason my mom wants to have the easter egg hunt in March, the same time as spring break, and in the morning. My schedule was demanded, and as such demanded, I utterly refused to relinquish my whole schedule or Ryan’s. And then little kidlet requested instead of doing it on Friday, that instead we do it on a Thursday


The reason being? He wants to go on a camping trip with his friends. Last time I checked we, the married people are being requested to make compromises out of our busy lives, whereas, those not married are pampered and even dare I say accepted as having much busier schedules, such as a camping trip.

As I was just momentarily notified, kidlet has not talked to mom about making said change…. I think just do it after the blasted holiday on a Saturday, I guess we will see.

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