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>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thats right, I am. Or at least I consider myself one in the sense of 1970's feminists like Cixous, who wrote more or less, we are different but equal, a beautiful thing, but today some people are taking feminism to extremes, and in that sense, I am not a feminist, but not quite conservative either.

Lately there have been numbers of texts that seem to mock the whole idea or call it outdated. But lets be realistic, if we are just now having a women running for presidency, how can you say that women and men have acheived equality in the work place. I am a secretary, and I see first hand the stereotypical male boss female secretary issue up close. It isn't pretty. What is worse is that, I feel I am smarter or more adept at learning than a lot of people are. Lets call it arrogance, but when day after day people ask you how to scan an image and its as simple as, "you press scan, choose your e-mail address and then press the button that says start" it makes you wonder just why people are so set in their ways.

So one day, I will be free from the bondage of being a secretary, and on to bigger and better things.


The Holm Fam March 27, 2008 at 1:46 PM  

Ditto! I was raised by fairly feminist parents, so it's in my blood. I remember my shock when my mother told me, "Honey, your father is a feminist." Since then I have recognized that truth, and I'm glad my mom gave me a heads up, so I wouldn't expect all men to think the same. I like to call myself a Mormon feminist, which some people see as an oxymoron, but it works for me. Secretaries are really what keep the business world running, hon! I got the same type of questions when I worked as secretaries, and sometimes I really wondered who should get the higher salary. :)

Special K April 7, 2008 at 2:55 PM  

Don't ever be afraid to call yourself a feminist with pride! At it's basic level, it just means you think men and women should be treated equally. Who could disagree with that?

Take care, sister!

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