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>> Friday, February 15, 2008

Yesterday I took Ryan to a restaurant little known of on campus. It has been closed for a while and has only been open for a few months. This restaurant is my favorite because of the view, once upon a time it was called the Panorama Room, now it is the Crimson View. I love it because I feel like it is a private eating area, the service is fabulous and the menu items are pretty dang good considering the price. They always have miraculous desserts, and its quite artsy for chartwells. If that isn’t enough, yesterday on Valentine’s Day, they gave a rose to every women who had eaten there. There is something so poignant about a single rose, it echoes romance, whereas, to me, a bouquet of roses has the opposite effect, they rather nauseate me. So when I got to my office, there were oohs and ahhs and Ryan, love of my life, got all the credit. But how does one discredit Ryan when this was in actuality not from him? I decided to hang it all and just let him have unwarranted praise from passersby.

As we left the lunch room we walked passed a free HIV screening booth. It was to say the least a very abrupt transition. The seriousness of people associating this holiday with sex was very evident and slightly nauseating.
However, I believe people need to be educated more about it, it’s a very biological function and as such why should anyone have to learn on their own? It’s a very private thing but more should be available in school than just the only safe way is abstinence. There are a very many different types of birth control and birth control does so much more than just provide protection..
Many pills for women clear up unwanted breakouts
Pills shorten the heaviness of a period.
And there are more, had I known of this in my teen years you better believe I would have signed up right then and there. While I don’t believe any teenager is emotionally ready to have sex, if they are going to do it, they should be safe. End of subject.

I read an article today in the university newspaper and I was very astounded by someones complete blockheadedness about sexual education. Calling people pseudo intellectuals and other degrading things. He had a very interesting concept,

“this foolishishness has broken the "Jane Austen Rule of Civility". If the social conduct or language would have been omitted in an Austen work then the University should disallow it as well. The University has demeaned itself. The University has become a floor show for "thin pseudo-intellectuals" who lack an understanding between knowledge and facts. The University is an arena for the exploration and obtainment of knowledge. Not all facts fit into this paradigm and some facts belong at home.”

This was my reply to his severely outdated comment.

“In response to the first comment, there is nothing wrong with educating people, it doesn't sound like a mandatory event, I think most Universities hand out condoms with orientation material, how is this demeaning? Sex is something people need to be aware of, and how best to know than through what you have deemed psuedo intellectuals, clearly, you need to open your mind to what you call intellect. Maybe all facts don't fit into this paradigm, but anyone needs to know how to protect themself.”

This semester in my Renaissance Lit class we talk about sonnets which oft times are erotic poetry. It isn’t trash, it isn’t new it’s the same concept, and since intimacy and sex have been long since discussed, one can’t help but wonder at all the censure about it. In fact, as an english major, what he would probably deem a psuedo intellectual, you cannot deal with sophisticated material unless you can talk about sex. His comment clearly astounds me, he sounds like an english connosieur, and so as his major, shouldn’t he be ok with talking about sex? To each his own, and I am happy to not be limited by the Victorian Era, which last time I checked, ended in 1901.


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