Star Trek Fest + One

>> Monday, February 18, 2008

On Friday, Ryan and I went to a family friends for dinner and star trek fest. My sister upon the knowledge of our dinner date pleaded to be invited. So after dinner we convince my sister to watch a star trek episode, specifically “Perfect Mate”, I really enjoy this episode for all the philosophy issues dealt with. That is actually why I like most Star Trek episodes and even Deep Space Nine. Star Trek is just written very well and who can argue with a captain who is interested in Archaeology and Shakespeare? Deep Space Nine has a much more epic build up, like most of Joss Whedon’s shows.

Anyway, my sister doesn’t really like star trek, and that’s fine, I just recently got into them because of Ryan, and before that I ridiculed it as a very nerdy show. So after the one episode she got up to leave and walked out to her car, which was GONE! Luckily it was towed but would cost $228 dollars to get out…
I still think it was a rip off . Anyways the address to pick it up at was behind a topless dancers strip club. This strip club was like a shack and the tow yard behind it had a mangy dog no lights, cars that had been left there to rust; in essence it screamed, welcome to our horror movie, please give us your money and prepare to die.

The tow truck guy had the note that was placed on the car, a note full of anger and malice, it even included destruction of property. The tow truck guy thought the note was quite out of place and very vindictive.

Luckily, the family friends we were with are very low stress, and so the whole messy ordeal was less frightening than it actually was.

From the star trek fest we have a very incriminating photo of all of us by the shack that was a strip club, and a video showing my mother by it ( I will treasure that always…).

Another instance where my life was in danger, I was also with these family friends, I was 12 and we had gone star gazing. During the star gazing adventure some dangerously drunk Navajo Indians approached us. Among our group there were 3 women 30-40 and me and my friend who were 12, so this approach was rather scary. Everything turned out fine, but I’ve never gone there without a guy since.

It is rather troubling when one has to look over ones shoulder and watch there back at all times. It makes me hate people, yes hate them. And wonder, what are neighbors for but to help you out in time of need? There were people watching us very closely as we realized the car was gone, and we suspect they were the people who had the car towed.

Following the car towing event, my sister went home, and the rest of us watched insurrection, a calming and very paranoid movie. By the time we got home the whole drama was out of our systems.


Colin Meeks February 29, 2008 at 6:07 PM  

i want to see the pictures and movie it sounds like you had an interesting night.

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