Evading the Grey

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Free Write 10/23/07

He shifted his weight on his feet still staring into space. You’ll never understand she thought, whats worse is I don’t want you to. Then his eyes adjusted to hers, and in them she saw the rest of her life, the life she begrudgingly longed for.
The silence engulfed them and released them finally he spoke.

“I don’t care how long I have to work to prove to you that I’ll be here”
She began to cry “I know, but you’ll never let some things go, and I can’t fight someone who isn’t there. Not anymore.”
She let her eyes betray her, and within her heart as well. He stepped towards her and wrapped his arm around her. “I wish you didn’t have to.”

Then he calmly turned around and walked out of her life forever.


They’ll never understand the hope they beat out of me every day. As the sadness descends, this sea of gray drowning me. At the end of the day, the only solace is knowing that I go to a place where the business world lets go and I am free.

The difference is, I won’t give up. And the life that’s waiting for me only a few years away. I can make it,, and so I go on, day after day trudging through this endless gray.


He didn’t give up on me, he lends me light and life during this sea of gray. The cool stillness all around won’t disband who I am on the inside.

The dark of the machine can try as it wants, but I’ll never betray who I am. His father is the central cause of this Cain, this torturous group with their high and mighty values. Brainwashing people, people like me. But he didn’t give me up. He said to trust him, now what? Wait, just wait.


Hearts blinding each other. Seeing the sorrow wasted, wondering at the humanity. No one will understand, thought the hearts. The frailty of mortality lends itself to this error. They speak of knowing each other. But the hearts heard it all and more as the minds to careful about living, told the people what to do. The people listened, not understanding the irrationality of it all. The safeguards could not stop the hearts from recognizing and seeing the fit.


The cashier handed me my delectable custard ice cream cone. Bustling with friends all around leaving to enjoy the delightful and then upon leaving the shop and attempting a first lick the scoop slipped to the ground. The friends giggled at the unlikeliness of the event. Torn between humor and sadness the, cashier came out and handed me another cone with ice cream on it.


“I know I’m not Trina, but I’d like to fill the gap she left in you”
“I don’t know if you really want to try” he said morosely.
“Shouldn’t you let me be the judge of that?” she winked up at him.
The tension began to melt as he looked her square in the face and said, “Your funeral.” She huffed and danced to his side, “That’s my choice too.”
He looked down at her, and for the first time in a long time acknowledged that life might just go on for him.


The teller closed the register box. Another day, another dollar. Releasing the stress left in her shoulders from the last five people who hurried through with the appearance that they are so much more important than the other five people in front of them. Consumers, she shook her head, they’ll be the end of us all.

She walked out of the store and locked up. Beside her the street was empty except for the lamplight glistening on the sidewalk below. Around the back was her car and soliloquy as she drove home to a house full of chores, and not enough time to do them. Little did she know that at her home a most unpleasant answering machine was blinking with the message of someone so longingly forgotten.

10/23/2007 track 1 Smashing pumpkins

The sunlight came up to reveal the best of both worlds. It wasn’t a dream, she was still there, as fragile as she had been the night before. The baggy t-shirt and over sized sweats did nothing to hide the figure beneath. The chest rose up and down proving that life was still there. He rose to get out of bed to prepare for the consequences that lay ahead.

10/23/2007 this is your life Switchfoot

The airplane landed mercilessly, launching anything around out of its way. Watching from the terminal people ran, sensing a certain amount of catastrophe as the brakes squeaking were not quite doing enough to silence the beast. Rolling forward to the terminal people who had moved to late backed away from the windows and crouched by the chairs that may provide them safety.

It was then that the airplane first made contact with the windows and for a moment the ripple effect was alarmingly beautiful, but had anyone watched that would have been the last thing they saw. Fortunately jane was crouched inside the women’s restroom. On the far side of the terminal. She just might make it out of her unscathed.

10/23/2007 Disney Winnie the Pooh

The animals came out of their hiding places revealing a more terrible scene. The most graceful creature and deadly lithely came towards the man. The man dumbstruck with horror at this most beautiful sight, realized that potentially he could be a hero, but who could destroy such magnificent beauty, and thus sacrificed himself as one of the hundreds of protectors.


marenmc October 29, 2007 at 12:55 PM  

There's no way I can comment on all those at once, but I just want to say that is a pretty sweet picture you've got there. I wonder where you got it from...?

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