Beating The Haze

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007


A dazzlilng day before us
winking in the distance
Beckoning us come
So come we shall

A glimmer in the sun
Allows this all
The haze upon the mountain
Clouding up our view
Confused, our minds uncertain
We lose sight of the winking gem

Petrified we remain
Trying new avenues
Losing sight of that one precious gem


A flickering of pages
Dancing on the screen
Enabling new sight
With the joy that it brings

Hours spent tolling away
Focused like a flower on the sun
Juggling acts are dangerous
For when a knife is missed
It jumbles in the air,
And lands where it is not wanted

Burning the candle at both ends
And I watch as the merry pages
Allow a contradicting grimace
One you have saved me from
But perhaps not yourself.


A winsome day chortling in the wind
Chastising any who do not partake
The willow wisping about whiling its time away
Chagrined are the people stuffed indoors.

The hazy months begun
And with them the loss of the outdoors
Depressing the fair
Empowering the wind blown

Like a tragedy
These few months a year
Locking people inside
Worse than an epidemic


We got what we deserve
Air that sickens any out any longer than they need be
Worse than any other place
The comings and goings at ones free will
It took a toll

It inverts and confounds politics
And yet the comings and goings continue
The selfishness of man
Berating nature

But nature has already won
The extremes in the climates
Is chastising man
But man is confounded

Continuing old habits
Not realizing the damage
Property becoming more valuable

Rooms growing in width and length
A home housed for 10 fits 4
And everyday at twilight
Just as the sun begins to set
We see our mark
And call it remarkable


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