Rules (and reasons) on "Married Friends"

>> Monday, January 22, 2007

When you get married, you have to make married friends. This means you make friends with people after you are married, then it isn’t his and her friends, they are more of an “ours”.

This is important because as you combine lifestyles you mesh friends and one side seems to dominate. With certain groups they acknowledge the existence of one part of the couple more than the other. A lot of this has to do with time, the unceasing clock that ticks and as it ticks people know more about one person than the other. Time is cruel that way, but it cannot be quieted for it must tick or if it does not tick then measuring it would be useless. Anniversaries would all be for naught and there would be no disappointment at one forgetting about how long they were together. Bill due dates would be redundant and the whole system may fall apart without time.

There is however, time and it keeps the system together as it drives ambition and laziness. Driving more than people realize, it is a dangerous toy for those who do not use it and a godsend for those who do.

If you spend time with people they know you better than someone who doesn’t spend time with you. So in affect to relationships, time spent with others friends of course puts you on the outside if only in the fact that you cannot remember this really great trip because you were not there. As you were not there you cannot be expected to recognize the significance of specific words when said together, so as this goes on for some time the significant other on the outside stays on the outside for inside jokes explained lose their savor and salt without its savor is good for nothing but to be discarded.

The salt in threat of losing its savor refuses to reveal the essence of the inside joke and so the outsider stays an outsider. This is nobodies fault, but as time has played this cruel trick allowing you to not be apart of inside jokes; you cannot do anything but sit and wait for the day that you make married friends.

The type of married friends does not matter so long as the friend or friends adhere to both members of the couple.


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