How Do You Read This? (hwo do yuo raed tihs)

>> Friday, January 19, 2007

So what has happened to this place
Of change unlike any anger lasting inside
To a sweet melancholy trace of lasting

Echoing the dreams of yesterday
With the footfalls of tomorrow
An ache and ring unfurls its wrath
And unknown tortures its

A purer blue was never seen in the wide
Way of the world, drinking heartache
In a new fashion, and etching sorrow
In the sands.

A mingled grace comes over as you reach the sky
Unleashing its mighty judgment in the twinkling of an eye.
The bruised harlot writhing with disease
Helplessly harboring guilt of a burnished chastity
The unknown man wakens with recognition

Found after years of derision
The lady wakens to a warmth inside
Mirroring the sapphire laden on her heart
Mocking the fashion of a yesterday
With the knowledge of tomorrow

A man uncontrollably seethes
At the bitter hatred of all those
On his side
And the mocking man grins
Waiting for the hate to sink in

A child grows up with to much knowledge
The father sorrows at the writing
On the wall
Showing a world he wishes the child
Not to see

A world filled with avarice and
Loose morals dying to fit in
Preconceived notions
Lasting far too long.


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