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>> Thursday, September 6, 2007

Life seems to be so funny when it comes to crossroads, for example one moment you see yourself with prodigious awards and the next second you receive a 3rd or 4th place ribbon. Not the best but you could have done worse, in fact, you could have gotten 7th or 8th place and thus received no ribbon. Perhaps you would prefer this to the mercy place ribbons.

I probably wouldn't have competed, in fact I would be muttering to myself on the sidelines that perhaps if I had competed I would feel more fulfilled. Pondering upon this thought for a moment and then just as quickly discarded as the, in my opinion, ridiculous ceremony of placing the ribbons comes about. Soon I resolve to object silently this silly procedure. Once I come to the conclusion that objecting silently is in my best interest I slip away from the audience and turn instead to food.

Objecting silently is cowardly but best when only objecting by mere opinion only, thus placing the seed for open objection when one has atained enough support.

This is not the case for such user sites such as wiki or digg. They don't merit facts at all but tend to use issues and titles alone to merit that fact. Occasionally one cannot help but be taken up in these outlandish claims and sometimes there are entries with fully credible research, but these are few and far between.

The point I must conclude with is why do we the, "users" rely on information that merely wants attention but lacks true convincingness? That being said I wish to unfold my theory on such grossly obnoxious misinformation.

A. I am a conspiracy theorist lover

B. I can sometimes convince myself of the reality of such conspiracies

C. As a result I need information even misinformation to feed this need.

D. Thus I discredit the credibility and rely on the issue that I want information on.

E. But after all of this, my brain wakes up, tells the conspiracy lover to shut up and go on with life.

The desire is to find information to spark ideas for good writing. Good writing, not just controversial, but compelling and entertaining besides the face value points is something to long for. The creative being who sits day after day in a gray office longs for wild colors and bizarre concepts to lead me to somewhere far more interesting than this world of gray that at the present, I am immerseld in.

I need challenge for, if I do not challenge my brain with work, then I fear I shall lose this desire and stop watching things that challenge my brain to think a bit harder before I change an opinion. And if I lose that desire, and accept all news I read to be true, then I am no better than the wayward person who accepts anything and everything merely because of the popularity.

So now begins my race to fight off the gray complacency of "office life".


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