The Ultimate Sophistication

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So with slimming down accessories and sticking with project 333 I have an empty closet, which means I have space. Its a beautiful thing. I've noticed, around the office, with choosing a lot more uniform of a wardrobe people are noticing and commenting a lot more on my personality and or face.

Today I'm wearing my creme turtleneck that won out over my black sweater without any accessories. Its interesting, minimal fashion, minimal makeup and people are noticing me more than they would if I was wearing a bold print. Curious isn't it?

I think its interesting, the more stuff we wear and use, the less we ourselves are noticed.

I think Da Vinci was right, simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication.


PS I will get pictures up, its just been a bit of a chore, my pups ate something and were acting rather peculiarly yesterday.

I'm still not sure how my halloween outfit will work with project 333, I think I may have to take Halloween 'off' from the project. My office really gets into Halloween and we trick or treat around the office, I would hate to be a party pooper. How are others in the project facilitating Halloween? I would definitely not buy anything, but I have a few costumes that didn't get packed up because they aren't what I'd call things I'd wear.

So what are you doing to make project 333 work with holidays? Or are you thinking of taking them 'off'?


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