Accesorizing to Blend in

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today I took my pups out late and dressed as warmly as possible anticipating a freezing office. My office hasn’t quite figured out that it is fall, so heavy warm layers are much needed for me as I freeze quite easily. I was running late, and after yesterdays consistent compliments on me as a person instead of what I’m wearing, I decided to wear only one color. My black v-neck sweater with grey tank, pencil high waisted tweed skirt black tights no necklace, and red flats because today just isn’t a run around all day in heels day.

Again, consistent compliments, on my hair that was blow dried but not straightened and my face without makeup.

Ryan has always teased me about feeling like I always need mascara, but I find perhaps he is right. I have decent skin, and don’t really need a lot of makeup. I’ve always been self conscious about how close my eyes are together and always using tricks to make them the ‘attractive’ width. I’m not super vain, I just thought it was more professional in a business professional work area to be more done up.

Funny how I feel programmed to wear and do so much and its all of my wearing and doing that makes me blend in, not stick out.



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