15 Minutes, Fall and The Boys Surgery

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

15 minutes to reflect on this past summer and its close. I’m tired, 100% bona fide tired. I remember when summer meant lounging around all day playing with friends, and now (and for the past 6 years) it has meant next to nothing, just no school. That doesn’t mean no work, it just meant accumulating projects would try to break me, not the happiest news would test me, and the inability to say no to people I barely know stressed me.

I’m really quite good at telling people I know exactly what I can and won’t take on, however, people I don’t know, I am terrible at telling no, or letting them know when I am in way over my head.

However, Fall means less crazy, good ol’ consistent fall with its promise of beautiful fall leaves. For one there is a dramatic difference with the ever consuming issue of people always being out of town. Fall is lovely, and as always my most inspiring time of year. Be it the colors, the feel the magic of change in the air, consistent change that isn’t loud like spring that falls on its face, because lets face it, spring seems to leap before it really thinks about the outcome, this leads to crops freezing because they came out to early.

Fall isn’t that way, it thinks before it prematurely drops buckets of leaves everywhere.

The sun can go on vacation for a bit, I’m ready for sweaters, boots, and jackets. The pups won’t know what fall is, and I think they’ll think that all the leaves everywhere are chips waiting to be chomped up. I’m super stoked to let them run about and eat crunchy leaves to their little hearts content.

We neutered them this last Saturday and other than the day of surgery, they’ve been their energetic little selves. The nurse specifically said not to let them do any of the following:

Go up and down stairs
Play with other dogs
Get wet

They have done all of the above except for the last two, but the storm yesterday gave us a run for our money. We’ve been giving them the pain meds, and all we can think of is that the meds work a tad too well. Saturday they were limping around, so much so I didn’t bother closing up their crates, but Sunday they were zipping around, jumping, wrestling and going up stairs.

It was all we could do to keep them separate, lets see how these next two weeks fair for our little dudes.


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