Picking Up The Pieces

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I’m graduated now. Grades were posted today and I'm in the clear. I walked and heard Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman Jr. give a phenomenal commencement speech leaving the following speeches sounding wholly unimpressive.

It is terribly weird for me, because not that much has changed. I still have my full time job and it feels like summer. Summers, despite taking classes, felt pretty much like what is going on now. I have time when I get home and I want to do things with my hands. Reading feels to stagnant just yet and watching TV’s and movies is at the bottom of Angie’s To Do List.

Laura, one of my favorite SIL’s EVER! Brought me two boxes on Sunday night filled with reject DP that has nothing at all wrong with it. This is fabulous news because I have a few cards to make for people who sent well wishes on graduating. I stayed up late categorizing my new paper hoard feeling just like a kid in a candy store, or right after a kid has gotten home from trick or treating and is organizing their hoard.. Last night I started moving things around and spread things out around me. I plugged in my cricut for the first time in ages and I started designing things.

I’d forgotten how picky, messy, and how I use lots of tools at the same time requiring things to be more organized than not. Its funny, I had my spot in the Village and while it betrayed me (mold) I was still able to function in a somewhat organized and clean-ish manner. Now though, my space is different, I’m not in a closet nook anymore, so I have to figure out a better way to organize my craft space. Enter Mom and Mary, Mary is a given, she’s crazy organized. I came crawling to her after all the mail just kept pouring in and my apartment style way of handling it wasn’t up to snuff. She explained it pretty simply, and showed me a crate filled with file folders with labels and other simple but effective organized glory. Mail isn’t an issue anymore, and come to think of it, the folder system is about the same as what I do at work anyway sans metal fasteners (after all I’m not that crazy organized) I no longer get anxiety about it and come some time in the future, everything can be scanned in with electric backups of really important papers.

Mom is another go to resource, because she knows how to get the best bang from a space, make a space suit the need and look fantastic while doing it. Mom knows I still don’t really get into the kitschy style, or lots of feminine frills in a living space (clothes is a hit or miss too) so I know that they Mary and Mom will keep each other in check and know who I am and love me regardless for my spastic and crazy self.

Anyway, before I got off on that tangent, I tried making cards last night and I was frustrated, couldn’t see all of my stuff around me or had it organized enough to make it a known go to. Ah well, picking up the pieces after a 5 month hiatus wasn’t expected to be too easy, but I did think I’d finish at least a few cards in 3 hours instead of started 3-4 and finished none… So I’m a bit discouraged, but I guess it’s a lot like getting to know an old friend all over again, except there is really only one person who can put forth effort on maintaining a relationship.

Perhaps a supply purge is in order, but I haven't bought any supplies for at least 5 months.

But I’m picking up my pieces, and I’m going to get to a point where I can finish projects.

Till then I’ll ask for advice. What do you do to prioritize projects and motivate yourself to start and finish projects and get rid of items that are weighing you down?


Rachel Steed May 18, 2010 at 11:21 AM  

I think one great thing that college teaches you is that deadlines are integral parts of project completions. Even now that you're out of school, saying to yourself, "I'm going to get {blank} done today/this week/this month" is the best thing you can do to make yourself accomplish what you want to. It doesn't matter how much you love something; if you don't set yourself a timeline, life happens, craziness ensues, and you never get anything done you want to. This relates as much to carding, scrapbooking, and sewing as it does to dream vacations, getting out of debt, or buying a house.

Erica May 18, 2010 at 1:23 PM  

First congrats on your graduation! Second, creativity always ebbs and flows. The flow will come back. I haven't created a scrapbook layout in over 8 months. EIGHT. But I do still love to make cards. :o) It's all a part of the process. I'm sure your inspiration will come. That new paper Laura gave you is sure to help get things going again! ;o)

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