Can You Hear Me Now?....Ooops

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

So last night, I was super frustrated and tired. I'd just taken a midterm which I did fairly well on but I had to trudge across campus and through a crowd of people going to the U of U vs. Utah State game of some sort. This wouldn't have been a problem if I had been walking the same way as all of them and if I had had the cell phone.

I got home fine and crashed as was much needed and when I woke up I had to work on more stuff. Alas, the little cell phone became victim of my frustrations, I threw it at the ground and the flip part of it broke off of the bottom splitting an entire wire.

Who knew I was that strong? How many other times had the phone fallen or slipped and come out of things unmaimed?

So now, still crazy maniacally busy, but now, this just in, cell phone less.


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