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>> Monday, October 5, 2009

I've been thinking for ages about publishing names. and about when the time comes, how I want my name to show up.

Angie Meeks just doesn't sound formal, it sounds like the spunky eclectic person I am. However, it just doesn't have the certain joi de vivre that's marketable.

First of all it blatantly tells everyone way to much about my personal life and my ethnicity. Plus when I do publish, I'd rather have it be a little difficult to google my name and find out all about my life. Of course there is the pesky realization that MANY people, especially those I know be less than pleased with my writing style and topics.

So I've been batting around several ideas including:

A B Meeks
I know, I know its so JK Rowling, but CS Lewis did it and a lot of other really great writers before so really I'd be part of a genre of writers. The unambiguous initials group.

A. Bixby Meeks
Its intriguing because the A is unknown but still includes quirky middle and loved name. Its a mixture of the name above and below and well its pretty sweet. However, not sure if its original or if it is another genre I'm currently unaware of.

Bixby Meeks
This one fully utilizes my quirky and loved middle name. Not only that, its a double last name title. James Joyce anyone?

I think they are all great possibilities but when push comes to shove, I'm just not sure which name I prefer most.

Why am I so concerned about this now? Well thats a secret!

Anyway, readers I'd love some input on what you think as I'm attached to all 3. What are your opinions? And I'll make a deal, the person who's comment is my favorite will learn my news early.


Brad & Mary,  October 7, 2009 at 4:20 PM  

we like AB Meeks

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