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>> Monday, October 12, 2009

Test finished and I got a heeping awesome dose of Adrenaline that is still lingering.

I erased what I first wrote because I realized it was next to unintelligible so here is my 2nd attempt.

So here I am trying to remember how not to go to school from work and its rather hard because its such a habit.

Life is good, no strike that, life is great and while I'm still working on projects this week, I do not have class or tests or quizzes or homework due. This alone makes everything rose colored. Ryan however, is in crazy project mode and while I'm free as a bird he's fairly chained to his laptop. Poor kid.

So I've determined something, I don't know how to not be in school. Its my lunch hour and I am sitting at my desk blogging, its like a quasi lunch a faux lunch if you will. The point is I don't know how to do this, and if I unlearn being in school how will that affect me next week?

But be proud of me I am taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. I'm pretty excited about it, but again I don't really know how to take days off unless I'm sick or Ryan has them off too so this should be quite the adventure for me.

Whats your favorite thing to do on days off? (not including Holidays, or vacations)


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