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>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

So its been a long summer and its slipping through my fingers, As life would have it school starts on Monday and the 8 month countdown to graduation begins. Lots of things have changed during the summer and I hope I’ve become a stronger wiser person.

The funny thing is though, the more things change the more things stay the same. Life is funny that way. Old arguments once resolved are rehashed and ever as bitter as ever. It would have to be insanity sometimes expecting a different result from the same process.

I took summer semester off, whilst Ryan plugged away at school classes, but he too will be graduating in May.

It does not feel real, but 8 months is not particularly long at all The deadline is looming forward and with it the knowledge that this time next year things have the potential of being a complete 180, or a 360. As was stated above, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

To prep for the upcoming school year we’ve begun ikea-izing our apartment. I am still amazed at how much I can consume in my tiny apartment. I am a little hesitant to see that consumption be given more space to fill.

I guess so long as I have Mary and my Mom I will be ok. I like the idea of finally putting my Mom’s interior design skills to work, and where mom’s “form over function” lets off, Mary’s “everything must have a place” gene kicks in. Good mother and daughter combo team to say the least. There will be crying, laughter, fun but especially growth.

Alas, the only real conundrum is whether or not said new residence will be in the state or if I will jet set away from lovely Salt Lake. >sigh< only time will tell.

So as I dream of bigger and better places, I am actually content where I am. I have the space to craft when I want to, and aside from cinder block walls and all their disagreements with any personalization, I am content.

A year ago I was simply a Junior, and now, now I am a senior, I am going to minor in Latin. After my hiatus of 2 years *gasp* of a language I am plunging back in for my minor. 2 classes from now I will have my minor in Latin, it is like the ultimate nerd/geek moment for me. You see, I get a special thrill whenever someone says, you’ll never use it because I have already used it in more ways than they would realize. Those silly people and crossing items off their list as relevant because it’s a dead language, well I guess they will never know the joys of translating latin poetry or realizing that a conjugation change can change the entire meaning.

Yes I am a nerd, what of it? I’m happy with said nerddom. As an ultimate band geek, sci fi guru and fantasy lover I feel no shame in adding literary nerd to the list. Hopefully the 2 years away won’t affect me too much. I’ve been looking at all my latin books and going over my trouble spots with the hope to curtail all massive hurdles. Indeed it will be a lovely year.

However, a long period of hermit like behavior is in the very immediate future. Just know its really not you, its just school and time to buckle down. 16 weeks of a ridiculously intense semester may do me in, but the knowledge that after 16 weeks, a mere 4 months it will be complete and a relatively easy spring semester will follow

Then after that perhaps grad school but for the moment who can really think that far ahead? Learning not to have a rigid plan has taught me a lot about myself, others and made life much more enjoyable. A little daunting but completely worth the adventure.

So much has changed in one silly little year. Years are funny that way, and though things change, they largely stay the same.


Brad & Mary August 22, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

I read mom the paragraph you wrote about me and her. So funny we both laughed.

Chelsey August 24, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

Angie, I totally agree with so much can change in one silly little year, but largely stays the same. It's funny how life moves on isn't it. I hope you and Ry have a great semester and good luck with your latin. I think it's awesome! If you ever get a spare moment make sure you holler.

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