>> Friday, April 3, 2009

What a gloomy day it is, but I can feel spring fighting back the wet dampness of winter.

Ryan had a lovely Birthday and it was such a nice laid back evening. I gave him my gift which was ‘Star Trek Scene It’, which was a lot of fun. We stuck the game on party play and let it randomly choose questions from all the categories for a long time. Ryan’s Trekkiness surprised even me. I only knew answers for the Deep Space Nine series whereas he knew a fair share of the original series answers.

Neither of us knew anything about Voyager or Enterprise so that was entertaining. Ryan’s Dad stopped by and played along with the game for a bit as well. From what I understand Star Trek was a love that Ryan got from his Dad so seeing the two of them playing the game was entertaining, and let me take the back seat since I really didn’t know a lot.

Ryan’s other gift he got for himself was “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” which is a really fun game for the Wii, I mean what could be cooler than using the force with the nunchuk in a strangely realistic way while using the light saber with the normal remote? Even better is that it has a 2 player mode, which means I can force push Ryan and attack him with my light saber.

So because both of his gifts are ‘Star’ oriented we are having a party that is along the same lines and everyone who reads this is invited.


Your Invited to a Birthday Party!
When: April 10, 2009
Time: 6:00-11:00 pm
Why: For Ryan
Where: The West Community Center in our apartment area. I’ll Link a map here
. It is the 'B' Marker on the map.

Please RSVP on this post if you are coming, no gifts are necessary, we just want to have a fun party and your presence is requested.

Since we don't know how many people are coming, we are asking people to bring a small contribution if they don't mind.

Parking will be interesting, but as far as I can tell is never enforced after 6:00.

Also, we'll have star trek scene it up 6-8ish and then switch to star wars the force unleashed until the party ends at 11.



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