Putting Up Christmas and The Little Things

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So after a very busy Holiday weekend we put up Christmas. Ryan really gets into it, almost like a small child on Christmas Eve. Decorations and Decorating are his favorite things about the Holidays.

Last year the bottom third layer of our tree just broke on Christmas. It was confusing after being away from home all day and coming home to a decided mess. I mused aloud "Have we been robbed?" no we hadn't, but the mess would have convinced most that something was awry.

So this year, dealing with the 2/3 left and the middle layer broke. This is our third Christmas with it and it breaks... memo to self always opt for the warranty extension... But I have to admit, I am kinda glad its not horribly tall, tiny apartments can only take so much cramming. So instead of a 6 foot tree its tiny, but cute, and about the same size as our stockings.

Its terribly ironic, but its ours and it makes me happy. Silly irony, thou shalt not put me down.

The midget tree looks fairly normal in our apartment and Ryan used part of the broken tree to decorate outside. It looks like a Gingerbread House, he is so funny.

I like our little beginning, its ours and its been very entertaining. I don't think I am ready to decorate an entire house with lights and all the trimmings (nor do I think we could feasibly afford it...) but its really the little things anyway that make the holidays so fun.

So here's to the little things, may they always remain awesome and fun and let the big things (here insert anything about the holidays that stresses you out...Neighborhood gifts, Cards to the whole world, Finals) be limited.

May no one be threatened to have a perfect holiday, may everyones holidays be their own and enjoyed in their own lovely way.


Mary December 5, 2008 at 3:44 PM  

Angie you are such a good writer, I couldn't agree more. :)

Na December 17, 2008 at 12:24 PM  

if only andrew was as into it as ryan when it comes to decorating...i'd be a happier person around the holidays...hahaha...i'm almost done with finals...hopefully we can hang out.

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