>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guess who has a paper due? I do, but I just have to outline, add quotes, fluff and then voila it’ll be done. Ok so that’s the whole paper, but its silly really, I am beyond the ability to focus, I have to nip all distractions in the bud but I just don’t have the motivation. It’s silly really, I’ve been doing school for years now, but fall semester is just harder.
I blame my beloved Thanksgiving, as visions of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce dance through my head. And so it begins, the festivities that I love, but are distracting me from currently more life alternating responsibilities.

But in other news, I am utterly and completely content. My brain feels overstimulated and I predict all responsibility will shrink up in a corner after tonight, and thus making next week even more filled than this one….

Well my brain might turn off sooner than tonight, mayhaps its already been done, alas we go forth blindly ah yes, but I will over come this inability to concentrate, where is a can of orange juice when I need it…


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