The Best and Worst Things of 2008

>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

These are things I value finding, enjoying and being around in the last year

  1. Ryan
  2. My really awesome promotion at a much needed time
  3. Paying off the Laptop
  4. Realizing we will graduate in a YEAR!
  5. Mary getting married
  6. Jon getting married
  7. Trying Sushi for the first time ever and becoming an immediate fan
  8. Taking Childrens Lit, British Lit (emphasizing on Austen) and Adolescent Lit
  9. Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
  10. The writer's strike, it was much needed and forced networks to give writers more on items they got paid less than 50 cents on...
  11. Wii Fit-you can all laugh at me, but its nice to have something that forces me to exercise correctly thats available all hours of the day
  12. Rayman Rabid Bunnies
  13. Trax
  14. Commuter Rail
  15. Scarves
  16. Skinny Jeans
  17. Short Hair
  18. The Book Thief
  19. StruwwelPeter
  20. Going to Wisconsin
  21. Cardmaking
  22. the Cricut
  23. The Cuttlebug
  24. Pushing Daisies
  25. Chuck
  26. Heroes
  27. The IT Crowd
  28. The Big Bang Theory (its a Saturnalia Miracle)
  29. How I Met Your Mother (I'm a Neil Patrick Harris fan)
  30. All the awesome festivals downtown
  31. The U being undefeated in Football, it takes bragging rights away from those who are poor losers
  32. Wall-E
  33. The Lecture by Ed Catmull, head of Pixar at the U
  34. Obama winning the election
  35. Gas under $2.00 a gallon again
  36. Akasaka Sushi
  37. Dolcetti Gelatto
  38. Trying Culver's for the first time and having to admit that the midwest has way way better dairy products than the west can ever hope for....

The Worst Things

  1. The end of Capitalism as we know it
  2. Huntsman cutting funding on snowplowing and thus making driving in the snow a very hazardous occurance
  3. Increasing the cost of tuition
  4. The crazy cold hand rash development
  5. The continuing popularity of Reality TV
  6. Breaking Dawn...I couldn't finish it because it was so badly written.
  7. Twilight (the movie) 30 seconds of an intro for a Collective Soul song that does absolutely nothing for the movie, it just felt sloppily put together
  8. The Economy, this includes and does not limit to people applying for mortgages and getting them too easily, people withdrawing money from stocks and going back to the mattress mentality and the stimulus checks that only delay the inevitable.

Thats my list for the year, and as the worst is only 8 items comparable to 38 of the best, I feel I have done the year justice.


Na January 5, 2009 at 7:06 PM  

I agree with you on the Twilight stuff...

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