And the Semester is...

>> Friday, December 19, 2008


And I've been done with finals and my brain is beginning to realize that this is a big deal. So now just 3 semesters to go. That sounds so easy. 6 classes for me and an internship. That seriously sounds like a cake walk, lets see how I'll over do it this time..

And Ryan has his 3D Animation all done, and has put all of his projects on his ipod for easier sharing. Just one more major class for him, some electives and a few measly generals, and he will graduate tentatively next December as well.

And after that, I guess we will just see what happens this next year.

Mayhaps next december I will have a craft room, or working on a nursery, I really don't know and after a lot of self discipline and silencing of my neurotices, thats ok.


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