>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We voted. We expressed our god given right to vote, to affect the current society we live in and to support future change. The glass is half full, there are plenty of lovely silver linings in the stormy clouds outside. And thankfully I am away from people ranting of how awful another candidate is.

This election there has been more mudslinging than any other, and all it is doing is alienating and bringing out the worst in everyone. What happened to respecting people civil rights? I feel like mine have been smashed and bullied into a wall, but I still stand by what I chose.

Adversity is a funny thing, it stunts the cause of the weak but for the strong they push through and become stronger than before. So on causes I was on the fence with after a round of roundabout mudslinging I've chosen more passionate than I would have been with all of lifes extra going ons.

To people who are mudslinging, you merely make the opposition against you stronger, and thus you fail.

But the election a twisted holiday of sorts brings out the worst in everyone, you can feel the tenseness all around you.

Its ironic, in class earlier today we argued about what the difference between genre's are, it was rather heated and people really cared, not because they were ambushed on all sides but because they listened to both sides and COMPROMISED with each other. It was really poetic and beautiful. Perhaps one day we all can instead of the current strict boundaries strewn all over; this or that, black and white, etc...

But isn't there so much more to life than the constant bickering of parties? There's the joy and laughter of enjoying life instead of the raging anticipation for tomorrow.

You cannot better tomorrow without first enjoying today. You merely waste the precious time available to you now in changing today.Life is a beautiful thing, the beautiful outdoors, the incredible cultural arts available to all, it inspires and builds us into much better creatures than politics.

Well Happy Voting and enjoy your wonderful right to choose freely as you deem worthy. Don't feel bullied by others, really truly vote for you.


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