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>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am a bona fide Libertarian and all people who react calling all Libertarians crazy, well here I am.
They use examples of people who are running on the Libertarian ballot that they claim to be nut cases, but I think all parties have rotten nuts among them, and it should not stop a person from researching a party out.

But to all those who see the world as black and white donkey and elephant why not change that view. There is so much out there available to us other than Republican and Democrat, but if it fits what you think the world should be then great for you. I am speaking out to people who pick from both sides, moderates, and why can't their be a mainstream media known 3rd party, why should the country demand a person choose between a ham sandwich or a cheese sandwich, why cannot the sandwich be put together and become a ham and cheese sandwich, delicious delectable mesh of the flavors complimenting the other as the original could not.

So hoping, nay demanding another choice is our god given right, mine which I defend and all people calling that crazy to you I say good day and enjoy your bland sandwich. Viva La Flavor!


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