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>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

This was inspred by another blog wishing for unity.

So I think a lot of people need to change their attitudes or else we will never be united, The truth is I’m still so alienated even though its after the elections by all the degrading comments from both sides. Not to mention I was attacked because someone from a party I support was not a good candidate, but I think that is the case with all parties. I think its funny how people desiring change were so heated over an idea of a different change. And the truth, I do think Obama will be great if people let him.
I think people got so used to being so angry about Bush and now it feels like the same attitude is being passed on. The problem is people can never leave well enough alone, and its why I chose so close to the elections to promote something different on a local level. I still support Obama, but the mudslinging was too much and it just became fun to anger people, not a good thing. The truth, you loyal fans you, probably alienated more people than convinced, including myself.
I don’t think its wrong for someone to vote based on their convictions, that’s the whole point of voting, is to see what the majority votes for. But at least we have that choice and we ought to respect others instead of landblasting them. But shame on you people who trode on the hopes of others, shame on you for claiming yourself to be “holier than though” if you will and refuse to learn about something else.
The point is, I never ever imposed my thought process on others, I made my thought process available and for that I had to defend tooth and nail what I thought while I didn’t really question why the other person thought what they did. I offered more information on a subject but it was rejected with the attitude that “why should they learn more about this” and thus progress was stopped .
A stubborn mind is ignorances best weapon. And so to all of you, I’m glad you can defend your choices, but I’m tired of seeing post after post related to this or that party. Can’t you see how you are ruining this for others? So let it be, stop being poor winners and stop being poor losers.


Jess November 7, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

I have to admit, I got a little heated about the election at times. Not online, just when speaking to others.

But *sigh* I agree. Everyone needs to relax, then after a good little chill they need to really use their brains. I hear and read so much bitter vitriol still, and it's disheartening. Let's move onward and upward instead!

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