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>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

So for the past little while my skin has been freaking me out. It started one lovely Wednesday night while we went out to eat with some close friends. After dinner we walked around Trolley Square for a bit but I began to feel very uncomfortable in the skin I am in, I looked at my hands and my knees and feet and my skin was both swollen and hot but itching like mad and red blotches began to appear.
We quickly went home and I took a quick bath thinking it was something on my clothes, and changed to a different outfit. The next day at work my hands were itching something awful and my hands were ugly swollen balloons. I put lotion on thinking it was from the drastic change in weather.
We attempted dancing, Ryan had to hold my wrists and the dancing was nothing less than ungraceful.
A whole week went by with this discomfort until I finally caved and called the doctor. At first I called the Dermatology unit, the soonest date they had available wasn’t until December and if I drove a half hour then possibly November. Keep in mind this was a week and a half before Halloween. So I called my family doctor and went to show them my bizarre alien skin, of course knowing doctors and my lovely situation with them and how absolutely bizarre my medical issues are, they told me close to nothing but prescribed an allergy medicine and gave me a stronger cream to use on it. It is now November 13 and though the allergy medicine is making everything bearable, my strong tendency to not taking medicine unless I absolutely have to snuck in.
Within 3 hours of being off the medicine, the red spots appeared all over and began to burn me.
So consensus, I have some awful allergic reaction. To what? Who knows I’m still trying to keep my skin unexposed to the air, and that seemed to help as well, but I’d like a real diagnosis and not just something to cure the symptoms. I’d like to circumvent the whole thing altogether. Does anyone have any ideas?


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