Bailout Blues

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The automotive industry has received a bailout, now it is not just banks, but now companies receiving bailouts.

I am frustrated and I don't understand how a country already so in debt is able to use money it doesn't have to save companies. The system seems flawed and utterly in turmoil. I see the end to capitalism and the beginning of socialism, and I don't like it. The problem is, it can't stop now, we are in the midst of a cycle that cannot end happily, for the government is in debt and they are borrowing money from someone else. So who is this someone else and when are they going to come claim their justice?

Stimulus Checks don't work, and why? Because the people who would most profit from it do not get as much as everyone else. The system is flawed and I call for change.

"Remember Remember the 5th of November."


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