The Jokes on Us

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

This is a strictly political entry, consider yourself warned.

Iceland Teeters On Bankruptcy Investors won't touch its currency; Fitch and Moody's have lowered their sovereign ratings. By Parmy Olson

Iceland had its last bank bought yesterday, they are the first country to feel the repercussions of our current parties ineptness. Sadly, its only the beginning. I feel neglected as a citizen, I think money should have been spent hear and not gone abroad and I think this is the end of Capitalism.

Every day we get closer and closer to Socialism, higher taxes and Federal Regulated Beauracracy increasing. I can't imagine it, and now I am part of the beauracratics, the jokes on me as I fill out triplicate forms and send them off to come back to go back out again.

Am I becoming part of the monster? I can't, my heart depends on it. I have to have my new shows available to me via the internet because I can't become a yuppie and be endorsing the advertisers. I have to stay strong, but how?

This election seems to be the end of capitalism as we know it. Both parties have plans for a more socialist society. The beauty of capitalism was Laissez-Faire, and ever since February, this has been gone. And now for the Dominoe effect. They should have let things go under, something else would have arisen. They robbed us of our chance to reform a corrupt system and the joke is on us. The stock market has NEVER been this bad! and the problem is nobody trusts it anymore. Wait till we are all bought out, and whocver is buying us out is pulling all the strings.

So call it suicide but I am going to keep my ownership of my stocks for as long as humanly possible, after all what goes down has to go up and reward whoever is buying us all out. And if I do, then I can openly criticize others for pulling all of theirs and forcing us into the downward spiral.

Also, their is one really nice pro to all of this for me, because the housing bubble has been the hardest hit by this, buying a house should be relatively nice for all buyers come next May when appraisalists have gone out and appraised the loss of collateral on houses.


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