The Death of Capitalism

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Nights Debate

Its really hard to decide where to begin, as there is so much ridiculousness about it. They shouldn’t call them debates they should call them slams. And both sides are just as at fault, with McCain’s responses littered with Cronies, and Obama’s with lobbyists. This was bothersome because its alienating. Its hard enough to decide what with policies changing so much but with the added mudslinging and the fangs being bared. How is it adult or mature at all?

I have to say this, I understand what the proposed policies are and how they should work, but the thing is nothing works out as planned. If McCain gives a trillion dollars to companies and people with mortgages, what have we learned? Absolutely nothing! Why don’t we just erase our debt and start over? It’s the same concept and it does not work for the same reasons that this one won’t. If you rescue someone they tend to not be smart about what they ought to do, typically they frivolously spend without saving and not bettering their situation, but merely sinking right back into it.

The problem is the whole country is drunk on spending money and now consumers don’t trust it and so they are going back to the “putting money in the mattress” idea.

My solution is rather simple, a bailout of types, but one with regulation and trust on both sides. Give the money that would be for bailing out companies to their stock holders in a form that cannot be withdrawn for 5-10 years. Announce the solution and give a deadline for people to buy stocks, that way everyone would have a fair chance. Its nipping the first part of the problem where it started.

Too bad politicians are so slimy, they’d have come to a better solution ages ago, but it wouldn’t benefit them, their friends or their lobbyists.

I think I’m witnessing the death of capitalism.


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